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Liz Landford (BA (English and International Relations)/LLB (Hons), GDLP) has built a strong reputation for successful creative collaborations, in developing polished, accessible and inclusive, voice, audio, written and edited materials, and high-quality, tailored events facilitation.

Liz is a NIDA trained, experienced, voice actor with a smooth, warm and articulate sound. She has worked with a number of high-profile voice agencies and has prepared professionally recorded and edited voice materials for radio, TV, production and publishing companies, and audiobooks. Liz has also voiced an art exhibition audio catalogue essay, and has facilitated high quality online and in-person events.

Liz has a passion for her pro bono work, particularly in radio, including her volunteer work as a radio Arts Correspondent, radio interviewer, and radio theatre voice actor, and in providing tailored voice training to Arts Organisation representatives, radio presenters, and others who are keen to develop their skills and experience in this area.

As a published author and executive level lawyer, Liz understands how to deliver the exceptional results you need, in the timeframe required.


Liz brings her warm and confident approach to delivering customised events, as an MC, Moderator and Interviewer.


If you are looking for professional, high quality voice materials and events facilitation, then Liz looks forward to assisting you.

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